Client reviews

  • Warren Rustand
    Serial Entrepreneur. Billionaire. Author of #1 Best Seller on Amazon

    Everything gets better with Natalia’s input and imprint. A perfect example is the book I wrote, The Leader Within Us. I involved her early in the process, and with each draft she reviewed, each improved substantially. She has a gift for adding value and making things better. I believe it is because of her desire to help others, be of service, and creatively think about the end product. Her ability and capacity to bring a fresh and new perspective to every situation is remarkable. She is knowledgeable, direct, and very respectful in how she adds to any project.

    She is an excellent partner in collaboration. A case in point was a recent presentation I made at MIT. The title of the talk was A Purpose Driven Life. In talking with her, she offered a different view of the subject matter and caused me to think deeply about what I wanted to say and how to say it. We worked together to craft the final product, which was very well received. She understands creative collaboration. I put great value in the way we interact and develop thoughts together.

  • Sarah Dray
    CEO at Dray Translations

    When crisis struck, Natalia was the beacon of clarity I needed. With her poised approach to problem-solving, she helped me cut through the chaos, offering focused and practical solutions that steered me back on course. Her skill in transforming complex challenges into manageable action steps is truly impressive and has helped me tremendously! I wholeheartedly recommend Natalia for her exceptional ability to navigate through turmoil with empathy, grace and strategic insight.

  • Giuseppe Crapanzano
    Owner of a chain of hotels

    Based on my personal experience working with Natalia, she was key in helping me navigate a challenging situation with my employees. Her methodology helped me to gain a deeper understanding of the underlying dynamics at play, and to see the situation from a new angle. As a result, I was able to make significant improvements in my approach and gained a new degree of confidence in myself as a leader.

    Her collaborative spirit and the creativity she puts into every project, makes her unique in adding value to any situation.

    Overall, Natalia is a remarkable being who is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and others to making a difference in the world. Highly recommended to anyone looking for guidance, support, and a fresh perspective on their business or personal life.

  • Albert Sufiyarov
    President of Neva Milk, YPO Member

    Natalia is a talented speaker. Her energetic speech helped to reconsider my approaches to assessing priorities, helped to build harmonious relationships and take a more rational approach to key decisions both in business and in life.

  • Sergei Dubrovin
    Serial entrepreneur

    Thank you very much Natalia for a clear and literate analysis of my situation. Awareness of simple things and focus on the main thing, these are the results of my session. Now I have a map of goals, possible steps and consequences, which gives me confidence that 4 years of searching for these meanings were not wasted. Moreover, as a result of the session, I gained additional awareness of everything that is happening to me, and this moment added more value.