How to Achieve Great Results

As we near the end of Q1, it’s a prime moment to touch base with our goals. Achieving strong results stems from taking the right steps, consistently. If you’ve been hard at work but the results aren’t matching up, it’s not a setback—it’s a learning curve. Let’s take a moment to look at our actions with a constructive eye. It’s not about pointing fingers; it’s about understanding our approach. Ask yourself: What led us down this less fruitful path to begin with? Without understanding the root causes, you might just end up running in circles. Does this resonate with you? Let's dive deeper and break this cycle.

For breaking the vicious cycle, we need to eliminate the cause of its existence. The Peak Genesis pyramid provides a structured pathway, showing layers that shape our outcomes, with each layer influencing the next. The key to markedly improving our results lies in engaging with the highest level within our reach. In the business realm, impactful change can often be achieved by focusing on the four layers of this pyramid, crafting a strategic approach that directly impacts outcomes.

The broadest section at the top symbolizes the 'Inner Belief System', illustrating that our foundational beliefs cast the widest influence on everything that follows. It's from these deep-seated convictions that all else flows, shaping our understanding of ourselves and our potential.

Narrowing slightly below beliefs, we find 'Self-Understanding'. This layer represents our awareness and acknowledgment of our own strengths and limitations. It’s a critical step—our self-perception informs the goals we set, ensuring they resonate with our true capabilities and aspirations.

Case Study #1: Lower understanding of oneself.

While working with an entrepreneur, we analyzed his recent unsuccessful ventures and found out a common pattern that contributed to the poor results. As a great visionary the entrepreneur lacked characteristics needed to get these ventures get off the ground. The Inner Balance Sheet assessment allowed to identify areas of his superpower, reestablishing his self-confidence. Delegating certain responsibilities to business partners and employees based on their superpowers was the best move for the business and the entrepreneur.

As entrepreneurs we believe we can do everything and anything when we get excited about new opportunities. It’s partially true, as our will power can pull us through a lot. However, our strengths allow us to be great at some and not so great at other roles. It’s essential to learn, accept and master our strengths and turn them into a superpower that will help us grow exponentially.

At the midsection, nestled between the expansive realm of self-understanding and the targeted layer of actions, lies the critical tier of 'Goals'. This level is unique because it is the confluence of our conscious desires and our subconscious inclinations.

Case Study #2: Misalignment of conscious and subconscious goals.

The client wanted to sell his business and has failed to do so for several years in a row explaining it with all the valid excuses. When we met and reviewed all action steps taken, the entrepreneur realized that they weren’t the right actions for the sale. When asked about the wrong actions taken, the entrepreneur acknowledged that all the actions taken led to a different result and exactly the one he got. Why? After our Goal Achieving Session, the entrepreneur discovered 3 hidden subconscious goals that he had been pursuing instead of the conscious goal of selling his company. New goals and action plans were set, and results followed.

Conscious goals are those we actively set and claim — the milestones we openly strive for, the objectives we write down, and the targets we announce to the world. They are the deliberate intentions we aim to achieve through our actions. However, lying beneath the surface are our subconscious goals, which are often less obvious but equally or more powerful. These are the hidden drivers of our behavior, shaped by our deepest beliefs and experiences, and they can quietly steer our course without our explicit awareness.

The necessity to align our conscious and subconscious goals cannot be overstressed. If they are at odds, there’s a high likelihood that the subconscious will win out, effectively derailing our conscious plans. This alignment is vital because it harmonizes our inner narrative with our outward endeavors, ensuring that the energies of our subconscious are not working against us, but are harnessed to bolster the pursuit of our conscious goals, leading to a more focused descent through the pyramid towards the results we seek.

Descending to the second-to-last level, there are 'Actions'. As the pyramid tapers, it implies that our actions are more concentrated and deliberate, directly stemming from the goals we’ve established. It's a more refined expression of our beliefs and self-knowledge, the practical application of our intentions.

At the very tip of the pyramid are the 'Results', the narrowest point, signifying the culmination of the entire process. This illustrates that outcomes, while significantly influenced by the layers above, are the most specific and defined aspect of the structure. The results are a concentrated reflection of how well our inner beliefs and understanding have been translated into goals and actions.

This inverted pyramid captures the essence of how broad, sweeping beliefs gradually refine into precise outcomes. It’s alignment of all levels that not only unlocks our potential but channels our efforts into actions that resonate deeply with our core intentions. It's through this synchronization that our actions gain true purpose and direction, propelling us towards our desired outcomes with a newfound clarity and focus.

As we draw the curtains on this quarter, let’s pause and reflect on the insights gained. The Peak Genesis pyramid is not just a concept, but a dynamic blueprint for action. The layers of belief, understanding, goals, actions, and results are not static; they're interconnected, fluid, and responsive to our continuous growth. As we move forward, we carry with us the wisdom to align our innermost beliefs with our outward endeavors, to translate our nuanced self-understanding into clear and purposeful goals, and to enact actions that lead us to the pinnacle of success—measurable, meaningful results.

Let this quarter be a testament to our journey, and the next, a canvas for the fruits of our aligned efforts. Here's to the power of the pyramid, to the synergy of our inner beliefs and actions, and to the unwavering pursuit of our peak results.