The Inner Balance Sheet

4 days on a dry diet in a desert on a mountain, with just a yoga mat and 2 sleeping bags. All alone.

Many would wonder why I did it. I could have stayed at a 5-star hotel enjoying the warmth of the Caribbean Sea instead. I did it to learn who I had become consciously and subconsciously over the past decades and how far away I went from my true self.

No dopamine. No distractions. No food or water. The mind is going through myriads of thoughts. You can’t stop them with Instagram, a call to a friend or work. There is nothing. There is no one, but just you and the Higher Self that brought you there in a first place. The Higher Self you’ve betrayed by “doing what’s right”, by adjusting to the circumstances, by accomplishing “results”.

The bare you that knows the Purpose. The bare you that shines through your SuperPower. The bare you that can clearly see the true path. There is nothing and no one but the bare you. That’s how you get to meet your inner reality: physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual. You meets You.

Now what. Everyone shall go for the dry fast into the desert? No. Of course not. I’ve created a framework that allows to dig deep and reconnect with one’s inner power: The Inner Balance Sheet assessment. This program is not for everyone. It’s for entrepreneurs whose yearning for the Higher Self is stronger than the fear of change that it will lead to. The change towards the True Path. The journey of the Hero to fulfill the Higher Purpose.